Loan Process

How to Begin the Loan Process

Your dedicated Inspire Home Loan Officer is always available to answer your questions and share details on the path to loan approval. As a starting point, we present the basic steps of the journey...

01 Submitting for Prequalification

Submit an online prequalification through the Century Communities or Century Complete community website.

02 Your Loan Officer

To ensure streamline communications, you will speak directly with your Loan Officer to discuss the results of your prequalification and financing choices. 

03 Preparing for Loan Approval

Once you've chosen your new home, your Loan Officer will assist you in gathering the required documentation for loan approval.

04 Preliminary Approval

Once our experienced and knowledgeable underwriter has reviewed your loan, your Loan Officer will call with your conditional loan approval and the next steps in the process.

05 Final Loan Approval

As you approach your closing date and your interest rate is locked, you will work with both your Loan Officer and Loan Processor to update financial documents. It is completely normal to provide updated paystubs and bank statements during this step. 

06 Crossing the Finish Line

All of your hard work has paid off! Once you are given final approval, loan documents will be sent to the closing agent for you to sign and finish the financing process.

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